[Pdx-pm] No recruiters, please? (was Re: Contract Opportunity)

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 00:49:09 PDT 2007

# from chromatic
# on Wednesday 13 June 2007 03:30 pm:

>> If we're voting, I'd also like "principals only", and "mostly Perl"
>> in our job posting policy.
>If we're voting, I'd like to humiliate people verbally who use the
>word "utilize" in an apparently serious context apart from the phrase
> "CPU utilization".  I mean, as long as we're griping about pet
> peeves....

As mentioned at tonight's meeting, Randal gives +1 for spelling Perl 
without all caps, but we're still at -2 with Kevin and Michael.

I'll weigh-in with my +10 club of dictatorial demeritification for 
forcing me to seriously consider activating mailman's moderation for 
all new subscribers.  And another whack for edgelink having personally 
spammed me with php jobs until I called (e-mail wouldn't do) their 
office and asked to be removed from all of their lists.  One more whack 
for good measure puts it at -32.  Bye.

The only thing that could save UNIX at this late date would be a new $30
shareware version that runs on an unexpanded Commodore 64.
--Don Lancaster (1991)

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