[Pdx-pm] No recruiters, please? (was Re: Contract Opportunity)

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Wed Jun 13 15:11:02 PDT 2007

>>>>> "Katie" == Katie Parker <Katie at edgelink.com> writes:

Katie> Our client is seeking an energetic, self-motivated SW Engineer with
Katie> strong analytical skills to help with increasing business needs. The
Katie> project requires knowledge of SQL DB, TSQL, OOP (specifically .net C#)
Katie> Linux, and Perl Scripting for a contract opportunity in Hillsboro, OR. 

I feel a bit spammed by this.  Can we adopt a "principals only" (aka "no
recruiters") policy here?

I mean, it's one thing if Eric or Ovid says "hey, my company is hiring" (at
least, when ovid was in pdx), but it's entirely a different thing if a third
party who stands to make money if the deal is sold putting out the feelers
here.  That turns this into a commercial transaction, and I'd likely
unsubscribe from such a list.  I know, some of you say "no loss!", but let's
at least pretend that my participation in my hometown pm group is handy. :)

Also, consider that this recruiter isn't smart enough to distinguish a job
where Perl is a minor requirement from an actual Perl programmer job. I'd
also have felt a bit less spammed if that was the case.

Or, if I had met the recruiter.  Does Katie show up at meetings?  Is Katie
technical, or just a recruiter?

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