[Pdx-pm] Getting Started with CPAN

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 18:52:20 PDT 2007

# from Noj
# on Tuesday 12 June 2007 04:23 pm:

>I don't want stuff to install to /usr/bin and possibly over-write OS X
>stuff, how/when do I tell the CPAN app to put it somewhere else, and
>get that new location in the execution path?  If that info is
>somewhere on the path perlmodinstall manpage leads to, hopefully I'll
>know it when I see it.  If anyone knows any big rocks in the path, or
>a more concise 'here's how you do it on a mac', let me know.

couple of links I had lying around under the "macs are dumb" category:


Note the bit where you lose your /usr/bin/head.  In addition to 
makepl_arg, I think you also need to configure buildpl_arg (or whatever 
that's called) to point to a /usr/local/bin path.

Or maybe you could switch it to a case-sensitive filesystem.

On a related note, anybody have some pointers about cross-compiling perl 
+ modules?  I'm thinking of moving to a purely linux+distcc build 
system and not finding much in the way of hints about what I'll be 
getting myself into (I'm also planning to install linux on the mac mini 
and run os-ecks virtualized on that if I can possibly get away with 
it ;-)

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