[Pdx-pm] Getting Started with CPAN (on mac)

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 12:00:59 PDT 2007

# from Noj
# on Monday 11 June 2007 07:32 pm:

>Can I get some advice
>on how to learn CPAN without already knowing how to use CPAN?

I think the important fact is that the mac cpan is rather broken.  IIRC, 
it is configured to install into /usr/ instead of /usr/local, but that 
might also include "the mac perl is broken" in that they don't give you 
any @INC paths in /usr/local.

The important thing to know about CPAN is that it is a recursive 
installer.  If you're seeing "install failed" but the error isn't more 
obvious, try scrolling back through the output.  Also, take note of the 
prerequisite modules -- possibly installing them one at a time.  
Particularly in the XML::Parser case you're going to be dealing with 
some compiled modules and it's possible that the requisite binary 
libraries (.dylib or whatever) aren't on your system.  Do you have 
XML::Parser::Expat?  Try installing that first.

You might have to reconfigure cpan's settings ("o conf init") and 
"install Bundle::CPAN" is probably a good idea.

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