[Pdx-pm] "Simple Ways To Be A Better Programmer" July 20th

Michael G Schwern schwern at pobox.com
Fri Jul 13 00:04:00 PDT 2007

Hello, I hope the Ruby folks don't mind the cross-post.

My name is Michael Schwern and I'm giving a tutorial at OSCON this year
entitled "Simple Ways To Be A Better Programmer".  The Friday before OSCON I
will be doing a practice run at Free Geek.  You are invited.

What:  "Simple Ways To Be A Better Programmer" practice run

Where: Free Geek
       1731 SE 10th Avenue

When:  Friday, July 20th
       6pm - 10pm

The official description of the tutorial is here:

In short, the tutorial is about all the things they don't teach you in
computer science.  Documentation, testing, refactoring, testing, task
management... all taught in ways that are:
* Easy to learn
* Easy to do
* Hard to get wrong
* Able to be done by one person

In addition I plan to cover "People", something programmers have a hard time
with, with topics such as:
* How To Learn
* How Not To Be An Asshole

Questions, discussion and feedback are highly encouraged.  In order to
lubricate discussion and make the time go faster, we will be serving martinis.
 You're encouraged to contribute your favorite mixer, booze and swanky martini

Thank you,
Michael G Schwern

PS  I ask, as a courtesy, that if you plan to attend the tutorial at OSCON
that you not consider this a freebie replacement and cancel your purchase.
But if you are going to attend the OSCON tutorial you're welcome to attend the
practice run as well.

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