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Always a good thing to learn more about filesystems.  One day, parrot 
will have its own filesystem just like smalltalk.  Bwahaha!

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Subject: [PLUG-ANNOUNCE] ANOUNCEMENT: PLUG Advanced Topics Meeting July 
Date: Wednesday 11 July 2007 09:34 pm
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PLUG Advanced Topics Meeting

Date:       July 16th 2007
Time:       7pm
Location:   Jax Bar
            826 SW 2nd Avenue Portland, Oregon

Speaker:    Val Henson
Topic:      Chunkfs: Repair-driven file system design

Most file systems are designed without thought for what happens when
the file system inevitably becomes corrupted and needs repair.
Chunkfs is an example of repair-driven file system design: a file
system designed from the ground up to be swiftly and efficiently
repairable.  A chunkfs file system is divided into multiple chunkfs of
about 1GB in size which can be checked and repaired with only limited,
minor reference to metadata in other chunkfs.


Val Henson is a Linux file systems consultant in Portland, Oregon.
She was one of the architects and implementors of Sun's ZFS file
system.  She has worked in the field of operating systems for 8 years,
focusing on Linux.  She is the author of the "Kernel Hacker's
Bookshelf" series in Linux Weekly News.  Her hobbies include hiking
and maintaining the TCP/IP Drinking Game.

Usual meeting rules apply.

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