[Pdx-pm] July 11th Meeting next Wednesday

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 20:26:34 PDT 2007

# from Josh Heumann
# on Thursday 05 July 2007 07:03 pm:


>There aren't any dates on that page, though, 

There are now.

>so it's not clear if those are up to date.

They are now.

> What's the word on podcasts?

The word is "now".

> Are meetings still being recorded?

For now.

Except I was late last month.  Bad leader, bad!

The smalltalk one is MIA due to an unacceptable microphone-projector-fan 
proximity factor.  If anybody wants to try to clean it up, let me know.  
Or, if you all just want to listen to it with a steady high-pitch noise 
right down the middle, then I'll just put it out there.  Or, I'll just 
put it out and somebody will fix it in anger?

Peer's Law: The solution to the problem changes the problem.

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