[Pdx-pm] Job posting.

Donald Richardson me at donaldrichardson.net
Thu Jul 5 16:10:23 PDT 2007

I may get in trouble for this since it's not a 100% perl job. It's more of a
hybrid HTML/perl job.  Essentially, it'll be dealing with an in-house
templating system (read legacy) to develop front-end interfaces.  This
templating sytem is written in perl, so often added functionality requires
custom code. 

The job is where I work.  So, I'm not a recruiter or anything.  Let me know
if this is inappropriate and I shall promptly flagellate myself (and others
who wish to partake).  

If it sounds appealing to anyone cover letters and resumes to
jobs at conquent.com

Here be the pitch:

Conquent has been creating Perl based applications since 1999.  As we
continue to support existing applications and develop new projects, it is
important for us to find a flexible programmer who can work with our legacy
Perl libraries and adapt to newer, Web 2.0 driven code. 
While well versed in Perl, the individual should be able to work with
front-end development tools such as Photoshop to take designs and implement
them in HTML, and also be able to work with an existing library of Perl,
JavaScript, and mySQL queries and databases. 

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