[Pdx-pm] java programmer position

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 17:03:50 PST 2007

# from Randal L. Schwartz
# on Friday 05 January 2007 04:53 pm:

>Thomas> Lots of you program in Java as well as Perl. I was asked to
> post a  job Thomas> opportunity for a Java programmer at
> ProteomeSoftware.com
>Lots of us own cars too.  Does this justify posting a "car for sale"
> ad?

Hey, most cars can't be converted to run faster, cleaner, and more 
efficiently in Perl.  (And if you have one that can, I'm fine with 
those ads being posted here.)

Introducing change is like pulling off a bandage: the pain is a memory
almost as soon as you feel it.
--Paul Graham

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