[Pdx-pm] Perl quiz night: middle names

Andrew Savige ajsavige at yahoo.com.au
Sat Feb 24 16:27:25 PST 2007

I'll be running a Perl quiz night at my local Perl mongers group
and am looking for questions.

I thought it might be fun to have a question on famous middle names.
For example:

The L in Randal L Schwartz stands for:

 a) Larry
 b) Leonardo
 c) Lawrence
 d) Louis

The trouble is I don't know what it stands for.

Some other famous middle names I thought of are:

 Michael G Schwern
 brian d foy

Any others? Does Larry have a middle name?

Anyway, if you know any of these middle names or can suggest some nice
ideas for Perl quiz questions, please let me know.

/-\ (hoping noone from Sydney.pm is lurking on this list or
     finds the archives ;-)

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