[Pdx-pm] Weak References and DVD::RIP

Stuart Johnston saj_pdx-pm at thecommune.net
Mon Dec 17 08:11:24 PST 2007

Roderick A. Anderson wrote:
> Eric Wilhelm wrote:
>> # from chromatic
>> # on Friday 14 December 2007 21:25:
>>> I think one of the Fedora
>>> patches to Perl re-ordered @INC such that Scalar::Util can't find its
>>> .so file.
> So, is the only good way to fix this to rebuild Perl?  Pull the src RPM 
> and kill/remove the patch or portion of the patch that does this?
>     Then of course the next update will kill my fixes.
> Why would they do this?

Looks like the current maintainer isn't sure either.


# FIXME: The next two patches appear to alter the order of @INC, but
# there isn't sufficient documentation as to why we do this.
# FIXME/5.10.0: Leaving these out, trying to avoid messing with @INC
#Patch4:         perl-5.8.8-dashI.patch
#Patch5:         perl-5.8.5-incorder.patch

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