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Subject: [pm_groups] [ANNOUNCE]:  Hackathon Toronto Sat Apr 28
Date: Wednesday 11 April 2007 03:35 am
From: James Keenan <jkeen at verizon.net>
To: PM Groups <pm_groups at pm.org>

Toronto Perlmongers are pleased to announce Hackathon Toronto, a one-
day, almost-spur-of-the-moment hackathon, to be held Saturday, April
28, 2007.

A hackathon is a gathering of free and open source software
developers reflecting the joy of collective hacking.  Building on the
tradition of previous Perl hackathons in Toronto, Chicago and
elsewhere, Hackathon Toronto will encourage people to come together
for face-to-face work on Perl 5, Perl 6, CPAN modules, Parrot, Pugs
and ... you name it!

A hackathon wiki has been established at http://rakudo.org/hackathon-
toronto/.  Go there to learn details as to participation, location,
transportation, projects, logistics, etc.  As we get closer to the
hackathon date, log on to #hackathon on irc.perl.org.

If you can be in Toronto on Saturday, April 28, we hope to see you
there.  Thank you very much.

Jim Keenan

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