[Pdx-pm] svn formalities

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 18:19:27 PDT 2007

Hi all,

I know one of the big nits that people like to pick about svn is the 
lack of "real" tags, etc.  I've got quite a few tools layered on svn 
already and was pondering adding some formality to the whole deal.  I'm 
pretty well settled on the layout as follows:

  $ cat ~/.perl_developer.yml
    repository: "http://scratchcomputing.com/svn/"
      trunk: "#DIST#/trunk/"
      tags: "#DIST#/tags/"
      branches: "#DIST#/branches/"
      name: "#VERSION#"
      message: "tagging #DIST# release #VERSION#"

And I'm wondering if tools like 'svn_tag', 'svn_branch', etc would do 
the trick if they had something like the above information.  Thoughts?  
Been (well) done?

What I'm actually (supposed to be?) working on right now is a 
rearchitecting of Module::Release into something that will play nicely 
with a sort of perl developer toolkit (different thread if you're 
interested.)  The current question is just about svn.  I think it might 
be useful to break some part of the config into separate files (e.g. 
keyed by repository url.)  Possibly the repository should have a 
property "repository:layout" containing something like the yaml above.  
The tools could then cache this locally (and do something like attempt 
to update it if a directory disappears?  (Hmm, guess we could steal the 
expires semantics from HTTP or something (ack, goto 10.)))

Given that I'm currently about 6 levels deep in recursive tangents (and 
that has nothing whatsoever to do with the April 1 kwalitee satire 
(unless you count the educational value of entropy)), I'm just letting 
this simmer on the internet's back-burner.

Chicken farmer's observation:  Clunk is the past tense of cluck.

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