[Pdx-pm] Read only?

Kris Bosland krisb at ring.org
Sun Sep 17 13:44:52 PDT 2006

I am trying to add some tests, and this test (on line 1171):

	is(join(' ',map { $_->{val} } @{$softtable->[3]}),"100","set1 first bin");

gives me this error:

	Modification of a read-only value attempted at (eval 23) line
	1171, <DATA> line 1965.

However, when I break things down like this:

	my @columns = @{$softtable->[3]};
	my @bins = map { $_->{val} } @columns;
	my $binstring = join(' ', at bins);
	is($binstring,"100","set1 bins");

the test passes.

Any ideas?



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