[Pdx-pm] MAC questions

benh ben.hengst at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 14:18:06 PDT 2006

I dont know about edu-soft (kinda depends on what your looking for),
though I can chime in about FF and Camino. Firefox runs on a mac just
like it would on windows, the only real diff that I've noticed is the
CMD key swap ("APPLE" vs "CTRL") and that some plugins are platform
specific, other then that, they feel the same, they work the same.
Camino is the mozilla backend with a naitve UI. This has the added
benifit or 1) looking more macish and 2) being some what faster, the
problem is that because your not using XUL you dont have access to all
the FF extentions. For me this is a bigger problem, so the beinifits
are not worth it, but if your just looking to surf, it runs just fine.
Theres also Safari, again it works, but like Camino, it's just a

Hope that helps, if not, or if there are more questions feel free to ask.


On 9/8/06, Kris Bosland <krisb at ring.org> wrote:
>         Since there seems like lots of MAC users on the list...
> I am looking at getting MAC mini's for my kids.  I expect they will be
> less virus-prone than windows computers and I like that the mini is small,
> quiet, portable, and stylish (I haven't decided if I will put them in the
> kids room or the livingroom/library).
> Does anyone have any reccomendations for educational software, or other
> dos/don'ts for kids on a MAC?  I presume I can give them accounts and keep
> root for myself.  Has anyone tried out Firefox or Camino?
> Thanks.
> -Kris
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