[Pdx-pm] Also OT: Plug Advanced Topics (Was Mac OS-X as Unix)

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Fri Sep 8 06:41:17 PDT 2006

In a festive off-topic spirit, Thomas J Keller wrote:
> Where are these meetings located?

The Portland Linux/Unix Group, PLUG, has three meetings per month.

The Advanced Topics meeting is on the third Monday of the month,
at Jax Bar, at 826 SW 2nd Avenue near the light rail.  Our room
at Jax is smoke free and wifi polluted.  Meetings start at 7pm
and run until the speaker is too inebriated to stand.  The motto
of A.T. is "there IS such a thing as a stupid question".  Randal
has given many good talks to Advanced Topics, and I am still
alive thanks to his forbearance with the clue hammer.

The General meeting is the first Thursday of the month at Portland
State University from 7pm until approximately 9.  We usually meet
in one of the rooms on the second floor of Smith Center (check the
schedule boards, or just follow the unstylish guys with the glasses). 
Afterwards, we adjourn to the Lab until midnight or so.  Topics
are less technical;  last night we had a presentation on the open
source vector drawing tool, Inkscape .

The Clinic is on the third Sunday at Free Geek from 1pm to 5. 
People drag in their Linux machines with problems, and we fix
them and send them home with different problems.  Please bring
your Fry's $3 special windows-only wireless card, so we can
apply the clue hammer to it.  I hope we can become aware enough
of Mac OS-X to mess with those machines, too.

Current schedules and information are sporadically updated on the
PLUG website at www.pdxlinux.org .  PLUG is easy to join; if you
say you're a member, you're a member.  Quitting is easy, too:
just start another group named "PLUG".


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