[Pdx-pm] OT: Mac OS-X as Unix - any presenters available?

Selena Deckelmann selena at chrisking.com
Fri Sep 8 13:02:47 PDT 2006

I'm interested in going to the talk, but not presenting.  I think my 
situation is a little unusual -- we use OS X for our core servers and 
try to wedge windows and linux boxes in from time to time. I think most 
folks are trying to integrate one-off Macs or a group of client 
workstations in with a windows or Linux core.  The sysadmin, 
integration and performance problems you run into are pretty different.

That is a great idea for a talk, though, Keith.


On Sep 8, 2006, at 5:06 AM, Keith Lofstrom wrote:

> This is off topic.
> Many local Perl mongers sport Mac laptops, and among these are folk
> with deep knowledge of the Unix nature of the newer OS-X machines.
> Such knowledge would make an interesting presentation to the monthly
> Advanced Topics meeting run by the Portland Linux/Unix Group on the
> 3rd Monday of each month.  The first open slot is October 16, the
> next is December 18 ( September 18 will be about Eclipse, and
> November 20 will be Cory Doctorow ).
> Personally, I am not so interested in why a Mac is superior (or not)
> to other systems, but more in the significant and subtle differences
> between the way Mac does Unix, versus Linux or stock BSD .  For
> example, I imagine many Linux sysadmins will stumble over issues
> with resource forks, or with differing approaches to config files.
> Since there are some big shops going to a mixture of Mac and Linux
> (for example, Laika, which is hiring like crazy), this is a topical
> and important subject.
> This is not directly Perl related, though I can imagine Perl would
> be a handy tool to fix up some of the problems in these mixed shops.
> Any volunteers for an Advanced Topics presentation?  I imagine a
> refined version of such a talk would be suitable for OSCON 2007.
> Keith
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