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Subject: Apress User Group Newsletter--Early Fall Edition
Date: Friday 20 October 2006 10:11 am
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Apress User Group Newsletter
Issue 7; Fall, 2006





1. Let's Catch Up
2. Apress "firstPress"
3. The friends of ED Flash Video Contest-"Video:FLV'ED"
4. The User Group Page Has Got What You Need
5. Don't Forget the Apress SuperIndex
6. The Latest betaBooks
7. Recent Apress and friends of ED Books--Hot Off the Press
8. Forthcoming Books--Early Winter Releases
9. Upcoming Tradeshows
10. It's Not Too Late to Join the Apress Affiliate Program


1. Let's Catch Up

A. ASP Today Freeweb

ASP Today, Apress's sister site, focuses on publishing
 professional-level articles that are available to subscribers. ASP
 Today has launched "Freeweb," and from now through December 2006, ASP
 Today will feature the two newest articles for free, so that each
 article will be free to view from time of publication until a newer
 free article publishes and converts the previous-but-one to
 subscriber-only viewing. Check it out today: http://asptoday.com/.

B. Updating User Group Information

Attention group leaders and office holders, just a quick reminder that
 if there have been any significant changes to group information,
 please take a moment to send me updates. This might include a change
 in group leader or president, a new e-mail or shipping address, or a
 change in book review policy. Please help me keep my records up to
 date. E-mail me at janet at apress.com.


2. Apress "firstPress"

Apress welcomes its new firstPress series-technical briefs in PDF
 format about underexplored or emerging technologies that could prove
 critical in tomorrow's industry. firstPress documents are meant to
 help shape your direction as a developer and get you ahead of the game
 by giving you key information to budding topics as early as possible.

At around 50-150 pages, firstPress documents fall somewhere between the
 size of an article and a traditional Apress book. And these firstPress
 briefings are complete works--polished and ready for perusal as soon
 as you download them. Please continue to visit this page, as
 additional firstPress briefings emerge:

The inaugural firstPress document is

"LINQ for Visual C# 2005"
By Fabio Claudio Ferracchiati
November 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-826-1 | 150 pages | $19.99


3. The friends of ED Flash Video Contest-"Video:FLV'ED"

friends of ED (an Apress company) has been your Flash book resource
 since 2000. In celebration of the latest Flash title, "Foundation
 Flash 8 Video" (June 2006), friends of ED is hosting a contest to see
 what you can create by bringing video and Flash together.

Your task is to simultaneously promote friends of ED and/or its books
 and demonstrate what the Flash platform is capable of. The grand prize
 is an Apple MacBook!

You have until December 31, 2006, to submit your project. Please go
 here for more essential information about the contest:


4. The User Group Page Has Got What You Need

I receive a lot of good questions from user group leaders and members.
 Some of these questions already have built-in answers available on our
 web site, and here are some of the most common:

Q: How do I and group members take advantage of the user group book

A: All group members** of a registered Apress user group may receive a
 25% discount to any Apress or friends of ED title when the book is
 purchased through our distributor, Springer.

(Place your order with our distributor, Springer, by calling
 1-800-SPRINGER. Once you connect with a customer service
 representative, please mention the discount code, "APRESSUG" along
 with the name of your user group.)

** We apologize, but at this time, we are unable to honor this discount
 to user group members located outside of North and South America,
 Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Q: May I have an Apress logo to post on our group web site?

A: You may download a logo, size of your choice, here:

Q: Where would you like us to post online reviews of your books?

A: Please read the Suggestions for Writing Apress (and friends of ED)
 Book Reviews page at

If you still have questions not answered on the user group page, please
 contact me at janet at apress.com. Thanks!


5. Don't Forget the Apress SuperIndex

If you've ever kicked yourself for not bookmarking that PDF or turning
 down the corner of the book with the awesome code, suffer no longer.
 The Apress SuperIndex is a search function that locates the keyword or
 code snippet you need to make your life easier.

With the SuperIndex, you can quickly search for specific sentences or
 lines of code within a book you already own or are interested in
 purchasing. Usage is limited by IP. Search now at


6. The Latest betaBooks

Apress betaBooks give you access to the newest programming topics
 straight from the author, by way of weekly PDF chapters and updates,
 all before the final printed versions roll off the press. Eight weeks
 before final publication, the first several chapters of an Apress
 betaBook become available. After that, available updates or new
 chapters are delivered weekly to your inbox.

You may purchase betaBooks where you purchase other eBooks, in the
 Apress eBookshop. These betaBooks are a bargain because the price
 includes a copy of the entire finished eBook. Apress is offering these
 betaBooks right now:

"Pro CSS Techniques"
By Jeff Croft et al.
November 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-732-X | 450 pages | $20.00 ($39.99 hard
 copy price) http://www.apress.com/book/bookDisplay.html?bID=10187

"Pro JavaScript Techniques"
By John Resig
December 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-727-3 | 550 pages | $22.50 ($44.99 hard
 copy price) http://www.apress.com/book/bookDisplay.html?bID=10163

"The Definitive Guide to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server"
By Sander van Vugt
December 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-708-7 | 725 pages | $30.00 ($59.99 hard
 copy price) http://www.apress.com/book/bookDisplay.html?bID=10199

Learn more and purchase your betaBooks here:


7. Recent Apress and friends of ED Books-Hot Off the Press

I only have a little room to feature just a sampling of our latest
 titles. But you can view lots more new releases here:

"In Search of Stupidity: Over Twenty Years of High Tech Marketing
 Disasters, Second Edition" By Merrill R. (Rick) Chapman
September 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-721-4 | 408 pages | $24.99

"Beginning Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition: From Novice to
 Professional" By Peter Wright
September 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-622-6 | 544 pages | $29.99

"AppleScript: The Comprehensive Guide to Scripting and Automation on
 Mac OS X, Second Edition" By Hanaan Rosenthal
September 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-653-6 | 808 pages | $59.99

"BizTalk 2006 Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach"
By Mark Beckner et al.
September 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-711-7 | 560 pages | $59.99

"Beginning Ajax with PHP: From Novice to Professional"
By Lee Babin
October 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-667-6 | 272 pages | $34.99

"Foundations of Jini 2 Programming"
By Jan Newmarch
October 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-716-8 | 512 pages | $44.99


8. Forthcoming Books-Early Winter Releases

Here are a handful of titles to look forward to. Preview even more
 upcoming titles here: http://www.apress.com/book/forthcoming.html.

"Pro BizTalk 2006"
By George Dunphy and Ahmed Metwally
To publish October 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-699-4 | 528 pages | $49.99

 "How to Code .NET: Tips and Tricks for Coding .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0
 Applications Effectively" By Christian Gross
To publish October 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-744-3 | 232 pages | $24.99

"Pro Apache Struts with Ajax"
By John Carnell et al.
To publish October 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-738-9 | 528 pages | $44.99

"PHP Solutions: Dynamic Web Design Made Easy"
By David Powers
To publish November 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-731-1 | 435 pages | $34.99

"Beginning Ruby on Rails E-Commerce: From Novice to Professional"
By Christian Hellsten and Jarkko Laine
To publish November 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-736-2 | 430 pages | $39.99

"Date on Database: Writings 2000-2006"
By C. J. Date
To publish November 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-746-X | 700 pages | $99.99

"Beginning SUSE Linux: From Novice to Professional, Second Edition"
By Keir Thomas
To publish November 2006 | ISBN: 1-59059-674-9 | 700 pages | $39.99


9. Upcoming Tradeshows

Apress will be exhibiting at the following shows this fall. If you are
 there, please stop by and say hello!

Oracle Open World
San Francisco, CA
October 22 - 26, 2006

LinuxWorld London
London, UK
October 25 - 26, 2006

Zend/PHP Conference and Expo
San Jose, CA
October 30 - November 2, 2006

Seattle, WA
November 14 - 17, 2006

Flash on the Beach
Brighton, UK
December 4 - 6, 2006


10. It's Not Too Late to Join the Apress Affiliate Program

The invitation is still open to join the Apress Affiliate Program. The
 program benefits web site owners and bloggers (which includes a lot of
 you folks) who publicly recognize Apress books and help generate
 sales. The program credits affiliates who link to Apress eBooks a *10%
 COMMISSION* on eBook sales when their visitors click through and
 purchase Apress eBooks.

Lots of people have signed up as Apress Affiliates, and they've begun
 to accumulate commissions. Wouldn't you like to possibly earn some
 extra cash, just for promoting books you know and love? Try it out.

Setup is free and an account is easy to maintain. We'll supply you with
 images or text links to place on your sites, if you need. Then at the
 beginning of every month, we'll send a check to each affiliate for the
 previous month's commissions. For more details and to set up an
 affiliate account, visit http://www.apress.com/affiliate/.


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you or a previous contact registered a user group on

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