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Subject: [pm_groups] Registrations are open for OSDC 2006
Date: Monday 02 October 2006 06:59 pm
From: Scott Penrose <scottp at dd.com.au>
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Hey PM Dudes,

Could you pass this on to your groups please.



Registrations are open for the Open Source Developers' Conference 2006:
http://www.osdc.com.au/registration/index.html Book before 31st
October to
save $50 and get a free conference t-shirt!

The Open Source Developers' Conference is an Australian conference
talks about software development for open source languages and
 projects; regardless of operating system. The technical program is
 running from 6th -
8th December 2006 and will be held in Melbourne, Victoria (at Monash
University's Caulfield Campus). We are planning to have 3 streams of
over the three days with combined keynotes at the start and end of each
day. Morning and afternoon teas, and lunch will be provided. A
dinner will be held on the night of the 6th.

Talks this year include:

     - "Mono - Migrating from Windows to Linux" by Dr. Trent Mifsud,
       Lecturer for the Faculty of Information Technology, Monash

     - "Data Warehousing HOWTO" by Evan Leybourn, Director of Looking

     - "J2EE and Open Source Innovation: The Relationship between Open
       Source and Standards" by Keith Pitty, Senior Consultant at
 Cirrus Technologies Pty Ltd

     - "Enterprise PHP" by Thorsten Rinne, Software Developer at
       GmbH / ThinkPHP

     - "Obfuscation, Golfing and Secret Operators in Perl" by José
       Team Leader at log

     - "A Rails/Django Comparison" by Alan Green, Cirrus Technologies
       Ben Askins, Sterland Computing

For a full list please visit:

Conference keynote presentors include Damian Conway, Randal L.
 Schwartz, Richard Farnsworth and others. On the 5th of December we are
 running a number of short tutorials. These cover Cascading Style
 Sheets, Open Source
Python GIS Hacks, Testing Web Applications with Perl, a Drupal
Tutorial, an
Introduction to Perl Template Toolkit and Building Large Scale Web
 Apps. For more information please visit:

We look forward to sharing this great conference with you.

* - *  http://www.osdc.com.au - Open Source Developers Conference * - *
Scott Penrose
VP in charge of Pancakes
scottp at dd.com.au

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