[Pdx-pm] OT: Escaping Comcast?

Roth, Gabrielle gabrielle.roth at xo.com
Thu Nov 2 14:45:42 PST 2006

Randall Hansen wrote:
> hevanet have been very good to me over the years -- the best 
> ISP i've had, including teleport, back in the day.

I'll throw in my vote for the Qwest-hevanet combo too.  That's what I
chose when I moved to town two months ago.  Main reasons:
1) I don't have to deal directly with Qwest >:P~~~
2) hevanet didn't require a contract, I can switch providers at any time
3) I got a static IP at no extra charge
4) I can call their support line & talk to the same person each time

So far, I've had no problems with reliability of the connection (which
is sometimes an issue with smaller ISPs, not that I'm going to name any
names here).

- gabrielle -
"5 out of 4 people have a problem with math." 

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