[Pdx-pm] Website Hosting

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Thu May 25 16:38:35 PDT 2006

Hi all,

As you know Bob, our current website is being hosted by Christian Brink 
(apparently not aware that he was still hosting it.)

The kwiki is currently frustratingly slow (at least from here.)  This 
seems to be a system resource issue, though it might be connection 
and/or kwiki.  I believe a few members have accounts on the server, but 
this isn't quite clear either.

So, I would like to:

  A.  thank Christian for hosting
  B.  figure out how the system is currently setup
  C.  improve it

  Anyone able to provide hosting?  At the moment, it needs to be able 
to run kwiki (so, at least needs perl cgi.)  If you've got root on 
something where we would have control over the apache configs, 
mod_perl, etc, that would rock.  Having a subversion repository might 
simplify the maintenance.

I have a box, albeit not a well-connected or extremely powerful one.  It 
does have excellent uptime, but this is limited by the 1hr UPS and I 
can't do much about guaranteeing the connection.

  As far as being the webmaster.  That's up to who hosts it.  If you 
don't want other people in your server, you get to be the bottleneck.  
If you feel like spreading the load around, I'm at least one volunteer.  
See also: "use subversion and not shell accounts to delegate."

  Any thoughts on what we should do with the site?  Suggestions that I 
recall from April:

  1.  make the wiki be the home page
  2.  calendar
  3.  ... (doesn't mean I don't love the idea -- I just forget stuff)

[...proprietary software is better than gpl because...] "There is value
in having somebody you can write checks to, and they fix bugs."
--Mike McNamara (president of a commercial software company)

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