[Pdx-pm] Librarian

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Tue May 16 12:09:52 PDT 2006

Fellow Mongers,

The current library has an estimated weight of about 30-40lbs.

Thus far, the Dread Parrot has been hauling the entire collection to 
meetings on occasion and attempting to slip books into the satchels of 
the less aware attendees.

If nobody objects (or actually -- volunteers to make it otherwise) the 
library will be stored in an undisclosed location offsite.  Requested 
books will be delivered at the meeting and/or via other mid-meeting 

Actually, the proposed location (as described by Gabrielle) is "the East 
side of town...way East...think 'barge ride up the Columbia'".

I think reading a book is premeditated enough for this to work.  There 
has been some talk of having a library page on the wiki.  If it helps, 
I can add a "remember to request your books by 4:00pm" to the 
pre-meeting announcement.  (Gabrielle, is that enough advance warning?)

I eat your socks and you pay me.
--The business sense of a very small goat.

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