[Pdx-pm] May Meeting is Tomorrow (Wednesday)

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Tue May 9 16:37:12 PDT 2006

(Or, maybe you went home early on Tuesday and now you're already there.) 

In any case, welcome to the future.

This may be your last reminder.  I can only remember not to forget 
things for so long.

Again, feel free to add yourself to the participants list and/or just 
show up and say something.


Also, there's a rumor that Ovid will be seen at this meeting but 
absolutely no other meetings, ever.  If he owes you beer or money, now 
is the time!  (If you owe him beer or money, maybe he'll let you off 
the hook if you come to the meeting and contribute something 


May 10th, 6:30pm at Free Geek, 1741 SE 10th Ave 

Client/Boss Requirements War Stories

 Presenter: You 

How do you cope with changing requirements and unrealistic schedules? 
What (social and technical) techniques provide an abstraction layer 
that business decision-makers use to drive a project? What is the right 
amount of information-hiding? 

This will be a round-table discussion.


"Insert random misquote here"

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