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Wed May 3 10:59:13 PDT 2006

Hi all,

Most of you have probably heard me say something or other about "the 
uber-converter" (now known as VectorSection) before.  This Thursday I 
will be presenting what is likely the first coherent presentation on 
the subject at PLUG.


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Subject: [PLUG] ANNOUNCEMENT: May PLUG Meeting
Date: Monday 01 May 2006 03:59 pm
From: David Mandel <dmandel at pdxlinux.org>
To: Portland Linux User Group Announcements 
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                             MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT

                        The Portland Linux/Unix Group
                                  will meet
                          7 PM Thursday May 4, 2006
                          Portland State University
                            Smith Memorial Center
                                   Room 294
                           On the block bounded by
       SW Montgomery, SW Broadway (7th), SW Harrison, and SW Park (9th)



                     (previously known as: UberConverter)
       Open Source File Format Translation for CAD and Vector Graphics


                                 Eric Wilhelm
                         <scratchcomputing at gmail.com>

      VectorSection uses concepts such as "small pieces, loosely
 joined" to inform the design of a set of transparent and
 simple-yet-capable interconnected tools for manipulating and
 translating 2D and 3D vector graphics data between multiple common and
 uncommon file formats.

      Learning how this system is put together has applications not
      just to vector graphics, but to data translation/migration in

      This presentation will cover the basics of CAD/vector graphics
      interoperability issues and details about how VectorSection
 allows for ad-hoc extension in any programming or scripting language.

      Note:  I have been told that CNN is in town doing a story on
      Open Source Software in Portland.  Maybe they will come to our
      meeting.  Better yet, they should go to the Lucky Lab after the


              7:00 - 7:30  Business
                   We will discuss the status of our ongoing projects
                   including PLUG's monthly Advanced Topics meetings,
                   PLUG's monthly hands on clinics, PLUG for Education,

              7:30 - 8:30  Presentation

                   See above

              9:00 - ...  Beer
                                  The Lucky Labrador Brewing Company
                                  915 SE Hawthorne

                                          David Mandel
                                          Chief Activist
                                          Portland Linux/Unix Group
                                          560 SE Alexander
                                          Corvallis, Oregon 97333
                                          (541) 730-5285 mobile
                                          dmandel at pdxLinux.org

          P.S.  Biznix which specializes in Linux and UNIX support for
                the Business Computer User.
                As I understand, they haven't been meeting for a while,
                but intend to have regular meetings again in 2006.
                See http://www.Biznix.org for details.

          P.S.  BLUEgroup (The Beaverton Linux Users Education Group)
                is a group geared toward new users or those interested
                in learning more about Linux.  BLUE group meets on the
                4th Thursday of every month (except Thanksgiving and
                Christmas) at the corner of Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy and
                Western ave.  See www.BLUEgroup.org for details.

          P.S.  PDXLUG provides a less formal alternative to PLUG
                emphasizing the needs of new users.   PDXLUG meets
                every second Thursday of the month in southeast
 Portland. See http://www.PDXLUG.org for details.

          P.S.  The Mid Willamette Valley Linux Users Group meets
                at 6:30 PM on the first Tuesday of the month.
                They have out grown their meeting location at PEAK
                and are now meeting on the OSU campus.
                See http://www.lug.corvallis.or.us/ for details.

          P.S.  The Eugene Linux Users Group meets several times a
 month. See http://www.euglug.org for details.

 David Mandel                        http://www.DavidMandel.com
 Portland Linux/Unix Group           http://pdxLinux.org
   LinuxFund                           http://LinuxFund.org

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