[Pdx-pm] May Meeting -- one week out

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Wed May 3 10:56:24 PDT 2006

In an ongoing attempt to test the hypothesis that meetings would be 
better attended if announced more in advance...  (I'm trying the "more" 
bit a little more.)


Add yourself to the participants list so we'll know how big around (er, 
asquare) to make the table.  At the moment, we have a panel of three.  
Being listed in advance gets you 15 minutes of fame and a guaranteed 
chance at holding the whacking^Wtalking stick.  It also gives everyone 
else an idea of what interesting topics might come up and therefore a 
reason to attend.


May 10th, 6:30pm at Free Geek, 1741 SE 10th Ave 

Client/Boss Requirements War Stories

 Presenter: You 

How do you cope with changing requirements and unrealistic schedules? 
What (social and technical) techniques provide an abstraction layer 
that business decision-makers use to drive a project? What is the right 
amount of information-hiding? 

As Morlocks, we are extremely valuable to the Eloi to the extent that we 
solve the right problem on the right schedule. Sometimes, this means 
defining the problem; sometimes the schedule. Users often do not know 
what they want or may have trouble expressing it. This discussion is 
about the translation process, the grief that it causes, and how to 
make it more enjoyable for both sides. 

This will be a round-table or panel discussion (depending on the number 
of people willing to discuss.) If you don't feel comfortable 
participating, you are welcome to sit in the corner and observe 
(heckling optional.) Eloi are also welcome to come share their side of 
these issues -- contact JoshHeumann for assistance. 

Sob-stories and un-podcastable anecdotes will be covered over beer at 
the LuckyLab.


Speak softly and carry a big carrot.

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