[Pdx-pm] April Meeting -- .ogg

dhmedley@aol.com dhmedley at aol.com
Mon Mar 27 20:05:50 PST 2006

> Dennis, do you want to take over the helm of the group after Josh has 
held rank for the last two
> years ?

What was that Robert Heinlein line ?  "I am only an egg" -- this group 
is known for expertise, and I
have no reputation for that ( yet ).  I would respectfully decline the 
nomination, if it was ever offered.

> 2.  If outside the downtown area, within walking distance from a stop
> on the max line, or a single bus line from downtown.  I ride my bike
> to PDX.pm now, and would prefer to not have to use my car  (which is
> probably unfortunately what all the westsiders have to do now to get
> to FreeGeek).

> FreeGeek is a very easy bike ride from Max or any single bus into 

This may have been closer to my point -- I ride Max, but do not ride a 
bike.  I don't like using
the car for just the meeting.  My horse isn't welcome on the light 
rail, either.

> That said, I'm all for the phoning-it-in and virtual attendance.  
> then even the long-distance lurkers would be able to attend.

Which is what I have been doing since the mp3s have been posted.  Feel 
the gratitude here for that ...

As for a meeting place on the Westside ; Intel may be very easy to 
convince to provide space.  There
are at least 2 facilities with stops on Max ( see criteria 2 quoted 
above ).

Dennis H. Medley
Cymberlaen Software

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