[Pdx-pm] April Meeting

Chris Dawson xrdawson at gmail.com
Sun Mar 26 20:12:21 PST 2006

It is somewhat ironic that you would ask for Ogg format and then
suggest NetMeeting.  You do mean GnomeMeeting, right?  :)

And, Roderick stated it well:  I would much prefer Ogg as well but the
realities are that MP3 is the de facto standard, so I have to do MP3,
and adding Ogg would require an extra production step.  You are
welcome to grab the MP3s and transcode to Ogg if you'd like to do
that.  There would be a loss in quality, but no one so far has
attempted to play live Chopin, so it should be OK.

Doing a vodcast is much more complicated but I am working on a good
solution.  Check out http://webcastinabox.com for more on this soon.


On 3/26/06, Roderick A. Anderson <raanders at acm.org> wrote:
> dhmedley at aol.com wrote:
> >>If the answer is "more than 20", what would it take to get you to
> >>freegeek on a regular basis?
> >
> >
> > A better TriMet / Bus method of getting there.   Driving into East
> > Portland
> > from Beaverton at 5PM is NOT conducive to learning anything new.
> >
> > I AM appreciative of the mp3 podcast recordings that are made -- thanks
> > much for them !
> > ASIDE {
> >      May I suggest the better open source alternative ( .ogg ) ?
> > }
> I agree in principal but in practice it isn't that easy.  I have a Palm
> Tungsten T5 and the default player is RealAudio.  As far as I know iPods
>   don't do .oog either.  So most portable PodCasts need .mp3 or .mpu.
> >
> > Maybe Free Geek would allow a net meeting format / camera of some sort
> > ?  Would cyberattendence
> > count ?
> This would be really neat.
> Rod
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