[Pdx-pm] April Meeting

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Sat Mar 25 18:43:17 PST 2006

Hi all,

We were talking after the meeting after the meeting today about whether 
there is anything planned for the next meeting.

Chromatic and Ovid both reminded me that Josh had been hoping to come up 
with some more introductory-level talks (I thought that's what I was 
doing last month?)

I'm guessing this is in the pursuit of getting more than 10-20 people to 
show up at the meetings each month?  Maybe a survey is in order.

How many people are on this mailing list?  If you live nowhere near pdx, 
put your hand down :-)

If the answer is "more than 20", what would it take to get you to 
freegeek on a regular basis?

So, assuming that what we want are some more accessible topics and 
further assuming that we have no plans for the April meeting topic, 
might I suggest that the April meeting be used to generate topics and / 
or material / marketing for the May meeting?

But you can never get 3n from n, ever, and if you think you can, please
email me the stock ticker of your company so I can short it.
--Joel Spolsky

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