[Pdx-pm] you're getting a shirt

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 16:57:38 PDT 2006

Q:  What will the shirts look like?
A:  The jersey. ( http://www.bella.com/items.asp?deptid=20&itemid=74 )

  (more on the look below)

Q:  How much will they cost?
A:  No more than $25.

Q:  Can I do the drawing and module list in SVG and get a free shirt?
A:  Yes.  make it two

Q:  When will I see the final design?
A:  As soon as I get help or time (free shirt!  no, two!)

Q:  How do I get one (or more) in my size?
A:  Send me an e-mail (see below for proper formatting)

Q:  When is the deadline?
A:  Now.  OK... Tuesday.  July 4th.

The votes tallies are below.  K,O, and P succumbed to the mass confusion 
(yeah, that vote could have been more user-friendly) and also voted on 
a link that wasn't an option.  So, 16 looks like a decent number.

I'll add a bit of optimism and go with 25, which would get us into a 
decent price bracket.

The Design:

Since we have no other designs to work with, I'm running with the 
jersey.  If another design appears and gets a lot of buzz, we'll do 
that instead.  Until then...

A mockup of the front:

That might get some color (light grey?) in the oval.  I can do design, 
but I'm retarded at color so I stick to grayscale.  Thoughts on the 
shirt color welcome too.

The back would be:



(with the numbers big and made of ascii containing our module list.)

Vote tallies:

A:  0 (--++)
B:  1 (+)
C:  1 (+)
D:  0 (+-)
E: -1 (-)
F:  1 (+)
G:  1 (+)
H:  1 (++-)
I:  1 (+)
J:  1 (+)
K:  1 (+-+)
L:  0 (+-)
M:  1 (+)
N:  2 (++)
O:  1 (+)
P:  0 (+-)
Q:  1 (+)
R:  1 (+)
S:  1 (+)
T:  1 (+)
16 shirts, 20 voters, 31 votes

How to order:

Send valid YAML.  If you want it shipped, I'll contact you to make 
arrangements and can take credit cards via paypal.  Expect to pay maybe 
$10 for shipping (I haven't looked into it.)

echo '{
quantity => {S => 0,
M => 0,
L => 0,
X => 0,
XL => 0,
XXL => 0,
name => "your name here",
address => "if you want it shipped",
pickup => "at next meeting or elsewhere",
}' | perl -MYAML -e 'print Dump(eval(join("", <>)));'

"It is a mistake to allow any mechanical object to realize that you are 
in a hurry."
--Ralph's Observation

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