[Pdx-pm] a quick kwiki

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 22:54:41 PDT 2006

Michael Rasmussen and Bruce Keeler and I met downtown tonight to setup 
kwiki on Bruce's box.

It is quite quick.

For now, you can only click around on it and be amazed at how responsive 
it is.  I've got a request for domain switchage and will hopefully get 
a chance to port some updated data from the old kwiki once that 
happens.  If you notice some weirdness, please ping me.

So, for now, only marvel at the speedy wonder and give applause for 
Bruce and Michael (as well as for Josh, Randall, and Christian for 
having kept the site running for this long.)

  this url will (I hope) self-destruct in 2 days:

  new data goes on the old site.
  new data goes on the old site.
  new data goes on the old site... unless you want it to disappear.

The only thing that could save UNIX at this late date would be a new $30
shareware version that runs on an unexpanded Commodore 64.
--Don Lancaster (1991)

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