[Pdx-pm] T-Shirts

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 01:14:08 PDT 2006

We had a brief discussion about these at the last meeting.  The two 
designs that have been submitted thus far both infringe on O'Reilly's 
camel trademark, so we need to try something else.

Tina sketched out a baseball shirt idea.  Now on the wiki.


We really need to get rolling on these if we're going to have them 
before oscon.  Marvin suggested that we have a vote this Wednesday, 
though I think we can stretch that until the beginning of the Jifty 
talk this Saturday.

Other designs welcome.  If everyone's into the baseball shirt, let me 
know and I'll do it in svg.  If anyone wants to volunteer for that, 
I'll buy your shirt.

Design submissions have been a bit slim.  Are you all not into shirts 
this year?  Since we don't have a new server setup (yet) for polls and 
such, I'll be really unscientific (expect 404.)  Click only once per 


This is just for a general headcount.  If you're reasonably certain you 
want *some* pdx.pm shirt, please click accordingly.  If pdx.pm shirts 
just aren't your thing, click the second link.

Introducing change is like pulling off a bandage: the pain is a memory
almost as soon as you feel it.
--Paul Graham

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