[Pdx-pm] require './file' vs. require 'file'

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 00:33:43 PDT 2006

# from Austin Schutz
# on Sunday 18 June 2006 08:48 pm:

>But anyway, I've verified beyond any doubt they are still the same
>file. For some sets of parameters of the program it helps to have the
> require at the top of the list of required items. Other times it
> doesn't help. 

Is "my_lib.pl" doing something with __FILE__ or other wierdness?

Does it have a package declaration?

Does it use strict, warnings?

Depend on package/global variables from elsewhere?

I'm guessing "yes, no, no, no, yes".  If so, you might be best to just 
keep the symlink, and forget about it unless you want to dig in and 
make it a proper package.

You might be able to shed some light on it with a bit of poking.

  perl -MO=Xref,-r my_lib.pl
  perl -MO=Deparse my_lib.pl
  perl -w -Mstrict my_lib.pl


So malloc calls a timeout and starts rummaging around the free chain,
sorting things out, and merging adjacent small free blocks into larger
blocks. This takes 3 1/2 days.
--Joel Spolsky

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