[Pdx-pm] Text based GUI

Stuart Johnston saj_pdx-pm at thecommune.net
Wed Jun 14 08:38:08 PDT 2006

Roderick A. Anderson wrote:
> I'm working on an application that would benefit from a Text-GUI ( TUI? ).
> I looked at Term::TUI but it is not what I want -- too command line 
> oriented.  I've looked at Newt and Term::Newt but they won't install on 
> a Fedora Core 4 system and since they are rather old I don't know if I'm 
> up to fixing them to work with a modern distribution.
> Is there any other modules that would provide this functionality?
> Perhaps someone has hacked Newt/Term::Newt into submission?
> Google and CPAN searches have only found these so maybe a better set of 
> search terms would help.  Ideas?

Have you tried installing the newt-perl package in FC4?  Alternatively,
there is ncurses.

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