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The O'Reilly Open Source Convention
July 24-28, 2006 in Portland, Oregon

A quick reminder:  early registration for OSCON 2006 ends in just a few
days.  Register by June 5 and take advantage of great savings:

This year's convention showcases many worthwhile new projects alongside
the tried-and-true technologies. 
Below is just a small slice of who and what will be at OSCON:
- The Semasiology of Open Source (Part III) with Robert Lefkowitz, Root
- Embedded Database System with Francois Orsini, Sun Microsystems
- A Simple Guide to Linux File Systems with Val Henson, Intel
- Open Source, APIs, and the Summer of Code at Google with Chris DiBona,
- Write A Real, Working Linux Driver with Greg Kroah-Hartman, SuSE
- Maximum Velocity MySQL with Jay Pipes, MySQL AB
- The Ruby Guidebook with Dave Thomas, The Pragmatic Programmers
- Asterisk Inside and Out with Brian Capouch, Saint Joseph's College
- Using Ruby on Rails and Ajax to Make a Massive Multiplayer Game with
   Michael Buffington
- Businesses Partnering with Open Source Communities with James Howison,
   Syracuse University
- Open Source and the U.S. Government with John Scott, Consultant,
   Selection Pressure
- VoIP Phreaking with Hendrik Scholz, Freenet Cityline GmbH
- Ruby and .NET with John Lam, ObjectSharp
- Higher-Order Perl with Mark-Jason Dominus, Plover Systems Co.
- Power PHP Testing with Chris Shiflett, Brain Bulb
- Python Optimization with Brian Quinlan, Scionics Computer Innovation
- Rails Guidebook with Mike Clark
- Real World Web Services with Scott Davis, OpenLogic
- Open Source Voting with Arthur Keller, Open Voting Consortium
- The Best and Worst of Open Source Business Tactics with Cliff Schmidt,
   Apache Software Foundation

Check out the hundreds of OSCON sessions here:
and tens of tutorials here:

Be sure to register for the O'Reilly Radar Executive Briefing 
This is an all-day event takes place Tuesday, July 25 at OSCON.  
Organized by Matt Asay and Tim O'Reilly, the Executive Briefing will give
a limited number of attendees an exclusive opportunity to meet with the
innovators, entrepreneurs, and companies that we believe will have the
biggest impact on the world of open source in the year to come. Some of
the concepts the Executive Briefing will explore include:
- Open Source and the Future of Asymmetric Competition 
- Architecting Participation: Open Source 2.0
- Ghost in the Machine: the Impact of Open Source on Web 2.0
- Who's on the O'Reilly Open Source Radar?
- What's Microsoft Doing with Open Source?

Read more about the Executive Briefing here:

Fun at OSCON
OSCON runs five full days--and nights. One of the best things about OSCON
is connecting with interesting people you just wouldn't run into anywhere
else. To help you make those connections, we're planning all kinds of
receptions, special presentations (hint: Damian Conway and "The Da Vinci
Codebase"), tours, awards, "off-campus" shindigs, and a couple of other
surprises, too. Watch our Events page for more details:

See you in Portland,
The O'Reilly Conference Team

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