[Pdx-pm] we need shirt orders today

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Mon Jul 10 21:37:45 PDT 2006

# from Eric Wilhelm
# on Monday 10 July 2006 09:39 am:

> I currently have 7 shirt orders.  This is not enough.

A few more orders have come in.  If you have ordered a shirt, you should 
have gotten a confirmation e-mail from me with the subject line "Shirt 
order confirmation".

There's still time to order.  We're getting close to the planned 
quantity (but not close enough to bump it) and may run short on shirts 
for "walk-ups", so be sure to order now if you want one reserved.

Yes, shipping is available.  It should be roughly $5/shirt.


----------  Forwarded Data:  ----------

To order:  send me something like the following:

  name: Your Name <user at host>
  pickup: at next meeting or something
    M: 1

Sizes are as follows.  Women's shirts are 3/4 sleeve.  Chest sizes are 
for a snug fit (note that this small is about the size of last year's 

  size   chest (inches)
  ----   -----
  WS:    31-33 (0-4)
  WM:    34-36 (4-8)
  WL:    37-39 (8-10)
  S:     39-41
  M:     41-43
  L:     43-45
  XL:    45-47
  2XL:   47-49

More details:

  The shirt design:

  The shirt supplier's page:

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