[Pdx-pm] Announcing the 2006 Shirt

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Wed Jul 5 21:09:24 PDT 2006

Hi all,

The shirt design:


If I scribble out the guy's face, does that look like the back of the 
shirt, or just like Josh is wearing the shirt backwards?  Anyway, the 
one on the right is supposed to be the back.  (I'm shooting for getting 
the shebang across the mid-upper shoulder blades, so that might still 
move upward just a smidge.)

If we get 25 shirts, they'll be yours for $25 each.  If there are enough 
orders by Monday, we can get a better price.

Check here for the sizing guide:


Ladies:  If the men's small is too large, they do have a 3/4 sleeve 
raglan that could work.  Please let me know your preference and I'll 
see what we can manage.


To order:

Send valid YAML.  If you want it shipped, I'll contact you to make 
arrangements and can take credit cards via paypal.  Expect to pay maybe 
$10 for shipping (I haven't looked into it.)

XXL will cost extra

address: if you want it shipped
name: your name here
pickup: at next meeting or elsewhere
  L: 0
  M: 0
  S: 0
  WL: 0
  WM: 0
  WS: 0
  X: 0
  XL: 0
  XXL: 0

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