[Pdx-pm] Shirts

Chuck Langenberg pdxperl at langenberg.com
Sun Jul 2 14:22:30 PDT 2006

I'd like to find a list of screen printing providers, Portland
and/or web based, who will screenprint artwork onto vellum paper.

It may make sense if you're buying 1-12, and you want the ability
to do future small batches. It probaly wouldn't make sense if
you're buying 100 of the same thing at one time.

Vellum enables you to buy screen printed artwork in larger
quantities, then instantly iron them onto multiple types & sizes
of garments. Although it may cost more, the flexability may be
increased when lead times & order sizes are considered.

And the quality of screen printing is superior to ironing inkjet
to cloth, which fades when washed.

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