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Save the dates--and send in your speaking proposals--for:

OSCON, the O'Reilly Open Source Convention
July 24-28 in Portland, Oregon


EuroOSCON, the O'Reilly European Open Source Convention
September 18-21 in Brussels, Belgium

The Calls for Participation for both OSCON and EuroOSCON are now open, so
send us your presentation proposal/s--and tell your friends and
colleagues. February 13 is the speaking proposal deadline for OSCON; you
have until March 6 to submit proposals for EuroOSCON. 

Never has free and open source technology been so important to the
computing industry. It's rocking a lot of boats and, as our initial list
of topics illustrates, is finding its way into unexpected places. Let's
support and expand that trend! For both conventions, we're looking for
sessions and tutorials on platforms and applications around:

    - Multimedia including voice (VoIP) and video 
    - AI including spam-busting, classification, clustering, and data
    - Collaboration including email, calendars, RSS, OPML, mashups, IM,
       presence, and session initialization 
    - Project best practices including governance, starting a project, and
       managing communities
    - Microsoft Windows-based open source projects including .NET, Mono,
       and regular C/C++/Visual Basic Windows apps
    - Enterprise Java techniques including integration, testing, and
       scalable deployment solutions
    - Linux kernel skills for sysadmins including virtualization, tuning,
       and device drivers
    - Device hacking including iPods, Nintendo, PSP, XBox 360, and beyond
    - Design including CSS, GUI, and user experience (XP)
    - Entrepreneurial topics including management for techies, how to go
       into business for yourself, and business models that work
    - Security including hardening, hacking, root kits (Sony and
       otherwise), and intrusion detection/cleanup
    - Fun subjects with no immediate commercial application including
       retro computing, games, and BitTorrent

EuroOSCON co-chairs Nat Torkington and Nikolaj Nyholm would also like to
consider proposals for EuroOSCON that focus on the specific needs of the
European FLOSS community, particularly policy and government roles. We
received some excellent feedback after last year's EuroOSCON that will
help us build an even more focused, relevant program addressing issues
critical to the professional open source community this year.

OSCON and EuroOSCON are where coders, sys admins, entrepreneurs, and
business people working in free and open source software gather to share
ideas, discover code, find solutions, and connect face to face. Even if
you're not interested in participating as a speaker, we hope you'll come
be a part of the conversation.

If you weren't at OSCON or EuroOSCON in 2005, check out the great time
that was had by all:
OSCON: http://www.oreillynet.com/oscon2005/
EuroOSCON: http://conferences.oreillynet.com/eurooscon/coverage/

Hope to see you at one--or both--conventions,
The O'Reilly Conference Team

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