[Pdx-pm] OT: Why no Apple Computer Oregon Site?

Rafael Almeria almeria at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 26 14:16:49 PST 2006

>> Any guesses as to why Apple hasn't already located an engineering
>> operation here?  Would this be worth pursuing for locals seeking
>> work?
> It might be worth persuing, but I'm not sure how you'd do it.  You need
> connections high-up at Apple.  If you could find some well placed 
> software
> engineers at Apple who really want to escape the Bay Area, well maybe 
> you
> could fan those flames and suggest Oregon as a nice alternative.

Well, Apple did have a subsidiary developing Macintosh software up here
in the early 90s called Claris, and yeah a programmer put his foot down
it seems to force the move to Oregon.

See the following link for some interesting history.


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