[Pdx-pm] hash verses a pile of scalars

Roderick A. Anderson raanders at acm.org
Thu Feb 16 09:20:32 PST 2006

Sorry if you're on the PLUG list and this is a duplicate.


What are the down side issues with using a hash to hold configuration 
values over using a pile of scalars?

I am working at a redesign/enhancement of a web application ( that 
currently does not use mod_perl ) and need to know if there are 
processing speed/memory issues with using a hash to hold the values.
Both with and without mod_perl involved would be nice.

I have traditional used the hash because it makes suing TT 
easier/simpler but the app I'm reworking uses scalars.

The original developer , from three years ago , is no longer around but 
he did some pretty nifty stuff code-wise so I figured he had a reason 
for using scalars instead of a hash.


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