[Pdx-pm] OSCON Proposal Cram Session

Andrew Savige ajsavige at yahoo.com.au
Sun Feb 12 00:28:01 PST 2006

--- Mick "I drink tea from a big ol' Bugs Bunny mug"* Schwern wrote:
> I'm going to head down to Urban Grind - Pearl
> (http://www.urbangrindcoffee.com/) at about 2pm tomorrow...

Does this mean you've seen the light and switched from tea to coffee?
Or do you ask the friendly folks at Urban Grind to fill up your
big ol' faded Bugs Bunny mug with tea? Out of curiosity, how do
you take your tea? Milk? Sugar? Honey? Herbal? Special blend?

/-\ (who has lately become addicted to coffee "affogado")

[*] http://mail.pm.org/pipermail/pdx-pm-list/2005-July/002915.html:

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