[Pdx-pm] wiki writeup from last night?

Andrew Savige ajsavige at yahoo.com.au
Fri Feb 10 04:00:09 PST 2006

--- Ovid wrote:
> --- Josh Heumann wrote:
> > Chromatic might have also had something to contribute, but
> > my memory's fuzzy.  Perhaps a .screenrc file?
> Who's Chromatic?

The awkwardness of writing about this name has been noted by
distinguished British columnist Piers Cawley:


  Everyone's favourite differently capitalized O'Reilly employee,
  chromatic (Maybe the new running joke should be my struggles to
  avoid using his name at the start of a sentence so we don't have
  a falling out cases)


  Time marches on, and another summary gets written, sure as eggs
  are eggs and chromatic is a chap with whom I will never start
  a sentence.


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