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Kelly White Kelly.White at popart.com
Thu Feb 2 11:36:15 PST 2006

So are these always held at Free Geek?  Last time I took the bus and
once I got there the people at Free Geek said it was actually somewhere
else.  An email alerting the change in venue would have been nice?  :)
Seriously though, is Free Geek usually where these are at?

Kelly White

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February Meeting
February 8th, 6:30pm at Free Geek, 1741 SE 10th Ave

Programming Environment Tips and Tricks

Got any cool aliases in your .*.rc file? Want to hear what others have?
What shortcuts do you have that save you tons of time? This meeting is
all about sharing what cool things we do with vim, emacs, perl, svn and
any other tool we're currently using.

Bruce Keeler will share some emacs tips, a spot is open for someone to
talk a little about customizing vim.  This is explicitly not a
Vim vs Emacs Flamewar meeting, so don't start.

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