[Pdx-pm] Javascript/DOM references/books

Roderick A. Anderson raanders at acm.org
Wed Feb 1 07:23:45 PST 2006

Kris Bosland wrote:
> 	I am now doing a bunch of JavaScript/DOM for a web page and I am
> not satisfied with the references I have found on the web.  What are
> peoples favorite references?  Is there a clearly useful book?  I like the
> perl cookbook and I have heard there is a javascript/dhtml cookbook.  Does
> anyone recommend that?

I would recommend "Professional JavaScript for Web Developers", Nicholas 
C. Zakas,  WROX - Wiley Publishing, but after the second edition comes 
out.  The first edition ( 2005 ) is chock full of typos.  Everything 
from bad grammer ( a few that caused me to pause while reading and loose 
the train of thought ) to just too many copy and paste code examples 
that were not corrected for the context.

Mr. Zakas knows his stuff but WROX should have had a _real_ proof reader 
go over it.  After the fifth or sixth time I went to the web site and 
printed the errata ( which missed some I'd found ) it was four and a 
half pages -- 41 items.

If you can get past the pile of errata then it is great and has good 
examples of useful code and applications.  The second edition should be 
even better.


> Thanks.
> -Kris
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