[Pdx-pm] ack thppt

Randall Hansen randall at sonofhans.net
Fri Dec 22 16:27:10 PST 2006

IRC log on a slow friday.  "soh" is me.  ack is at: http:// 

<soh> mith, kirsten: crucial that you immediately type "ack --thppt"  
at a command prompt
<kirsten> ack!
<mith> I think this is an OS X feature :)
<mith> I have no bill the cat module installed
<soh> ah.  maybe it's in the new version.
<soh> he released 1.5 recently.
<mith> bill?
<soh> andy
<soh> lester, of petdance
<mith> petdance?
<soh> 15:48 banana-6000 |> ack --thpppt
<soh> _  /|
<soh> \'o.O'
<soh> =(___)=
<soh>   U    ack --thpppt!
<mith> you actually have an ack command?
<soh> oh, didn't i tell you about it?  the grep replacement?
<kirsten> he hasn't joined the cult yet
<soh> http://petdance.com/ack/
<soh> has replaced grep for me for 90% of what i used it for.   
obsoleted most of my "grep is crippled" wrapper scripts, too
<mith> oh wait, I did look at this; I don't remember why I haven't  
installed it
<mith> I have just run ack and am now experiencing things I cannot  
talk about in polite company.

thanks, andy.  ack's the best utility i've installed for weeks!


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