[Pdx-pm] Apache, mod_perl, Catalyst, qx, and the ampersand

Roderick A. Anderson raanders at acm.org
Wed Dec 20 15:35:55 PST 2006

I'm starting here to get some ideas on whether I'm going anywhere near 
the right direction.

We have a Catalyst based application but have been asked to some 
non-View processing while the user continues with other things.

Short-ish story is we pull a XML file -- specified as a GET from a URL 
redirect.  Parse it and get a URI/URL of a large file.  The next step is 
to pull that file back but not make the user wait on it.  They should be 
able to continue with other parts of the process.

I'm wondering if

	qx{ script_that_does_the_get_and_other_magic & };

is the right way to go.  Other methods of backgrounding a process from 
within Apache/mod_perl.

This clear as mud?


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