[Pdx-pm] SVK and the "corrupted repo"

Michael G Schwern schwern at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 14:03:32 PST 2006

Those of you who attended the SVK talk on Wednesday might recall that it seemed like my old repository was corrupted.  I'd shrugged it off as having used development versions of SVK.  It turns out this was not the case, the repo was not corrupted.

The problem was that you can't just move a repo and expect it to still work [retardo].  You have to change the depotmap, the little bit of YAML which tells SVK where its repositories (depots) are.  Turns out I was doing it all wrong, you can easily add new depots and deactivate others by editing the depotmap.  chromatic pointed this out during the talk and I failed to heed his advice.

0 windhund ~$ svk depotmap -l
Depot                   Path
//                      /Users/schwern/.svk/local

0 windhund ~$ svk depotmap   
'': /Users/schwern/.svk/local

===edit the above depot map===

So I could have simply put in something like "test: /Users/schwern/tmp/svk_test".  After saving that SVK asks...

  New depot map saved.
  Repository /Users/schwern/svk/test does not exist, create? (y/n)y

And then I can access this new depot like so...

  $ svk mkdir -m 'Test directory' /test/foo
  $ svk ls /test/foo

The SVK syntax is /depotname/path.  The "//path" normally used is really "the depot with no name".

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