[Pdx-pm] Jifty template?

Michael G Schwern schwern at gmail.com
Sat Dec 16 21:03:15 PST 2006

Chris Dawson wrote:
> Is HTML::Mason still tightly coupled to mod_perl and Apache?

No, at least not in the context of Jifty.  Don't know if that's a Mason improvement or Jifty magic.

> Are you
> required to use Apache when using, and more specifically testing,
> jifty apps?

Not at all.

> Can a jifty app run on top of lighttpd, or behind a pound
> reverse-proxy, or even with it's own stand alone pure Perl server?

I'm not sure about the first two, but Jifty comes with its own stand alone httpd for development and light deployment.  Its not terribly efficient, its not even multi-process, but it works fine.  There's plans to make the stand alone Jifty server significantly more bad ass.

> Unfortunately when I hear HTML::Mason right now I cringe because it
> allowed me to write web applications where the logic and presentation
> were mixed and mashed together.  And HM ran on top of mod_perl which
> didn't work with apache 2.0 for four years, and that was plenty of
> time to discover rails.

Jifty is an MVC framework, in Jifty parlance its Models, Templates and Actions.  Templates display the results of Actions, Actions work with the data in a Model.  They encourage you to push as much functionality down from the Template into the Action and from the Action into the Model as possible.  You *can* mix up the logic and presentation if you like, it is Perl after all, but its designed so you don't.

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