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	I am new on this list. I was looking for a group of local developers  
that work with Ruby on Rails and I came across this. Unfortunately, I  
missed the meeting last night because I had plans. I just wanted to  
say hi and...
	I ran across a quote from the developer of Delicious Library that  
was happy about the deal. Here is his quote.

"I think events like this get a lot of publicity, so they bring in  
new customers that I wouldn't reach on my own. So I'm not really  
sabotaging my sales; I'm supplementing them. Seriously, if you came  
to me and said, "I'm going to resell Delicious Library to customers  
on the moon, who you've never met and can't reach, for $1 a copy,"  
I'd say, "Go for it!" I don't care if I only get a penny if it's a  
penny more than I would have gotten on my own."

-Brian Todd

On Dec 14, 2006, at 2:52 PM, Michael G Schwern wrote:

> Last night I mentioned http://macheist.com as selling $300 worth of  
> good Mac apps for $50 plus giving 25% to charity.  Randal said the  
> developers of the apps they're reselling are unhappy about this as  
> MacHeist only paid for bulk licensing possibly without letting them  
> know what they intended to do.  So far I haven't found anything to  
> confirm this.  It doesn't smell right either, for most small  
> software vendors obscurity is much worse than potential lost sales.
> Randal, got some backup?
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