[Pdx-pm] Meeting Tomorrow -- SVK with Michael Schwern

Michael G Schwern schwern at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 13:53:53 PST 2006

Seven till Seven wrote:
> Wednesday Dec 13th, 6:53pm at FreeGeek -- 1731 SE 10th Ave.
> SVK -- Stands for Versioning Koolness.
> Michael Schwern will be giving a talk on what svk is and how you can use 
> its advanced features for distributed and disconnected version-control 
> and other associated maximization of time available for kittens and/or 
> beer.  If his kitten (and/or beer) allow, he'll add some detail to this 
> description.  If not, just pretend he said that he'll tell you:
>   o how to use svk to keep a local branch of a subversion repository
>   o svk lets you work alone or in groups on an airplane or in the woods
>   o how much easier it is to cherry-pick changes with svk than svn
>   o how to use svk to mirror a subversion repository onto another server


My kittens have spoken and they state that SVK is an opt-in distributed version control system which flies on top of Subversion (and some others).  This means you can try out some advanced version control concepts without getting everyone else to drink the kool-aid.  Eric summed up the features nightly.  Oh, and its written in Perl (with healthy chunks of XS and SVN's API).

Primarily what I'll be showing is how SVK can...
* Act like an enhanced Subversion client.
* Make branch management a lot easier (including solving bi-directional merging).
* Let you work in the middle of the Oregon wilderness (offline commits).
* Organize sending patches to other's CPAN modules.

If you want to hear about anything else, reply with it here and I'll try to wedge it in tonite.

As this is a distributed version control system, folks should be able to play along during the talk.  For those who want to play along, I'd suggest getting SVK installed before the meeting.  The simple way to do it is to follow the instructions for binary installation here:

The harder way to do it is from source.  It installs like a normal Perl module, except it requires the SVN Swig Perl bindings be installed which often requires installing subversion from source.


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